What the YourStor Addition Means for You

April 23, 2019

Last month we told you about our recent acquisition of hardware provider YourStor, and how it would help us serve our customers in an even more effective and cost-efficient way. One month later, we’re still basking in the glow of this new addition to TechAdvisors, and we want to get a little more specific about how this addition will benefit our customers. Here are a few of the exciting new programs we are working to put into place to better serve our customers, thanks to our acquisition of YourStor.

Simplify your tech and your payments! We are currently working on a program that will allow our clients to pay a monthly fee for all hardware including workstations, servers and network equipment. When your equipment reaches the end of its life, you will simply turn in the old equipment and get new hardware to replace it. Could that be any easier?

New equipment bundles. A second program we are implementing will offer our clients bundle pricing on different packages for workstations that will make it easy for our clients to choose the best hardware for their business based on price and features.

Hello, Warranty!! We are thrilled that a warranty from TechAdvisors will be included in client purchases. If the hardware should fail prematurely, we will not only replace the equipment from the manufacturer, but the cost of labor to install the new unit will be covered. Now, clients will truly have the best customer service combined with zero risk included with your purchases.

Lower install times. We are working with the hardware manufacturers to streamline the installation of hardware. This involves some software already being installed when the equipment ships to us, saving our clients time on installation and getting them up and running faster. After all, time is money!

Simplified, faster quotes. Thanks to having the hardware side of our business in-house, we’ll be able to combine hardware, software and labor all on the same quote, simplifying our quoting time and making the process easier for our valuable clients. We know your time is valuable and we love being able to save you time and money all at once.

There will be so much more growth in store for us thanks to this advantageous acquisition, but these are a few changes you will be seeing very soon. We hope you’re as excited as we are that doing business with TechAdvisors has just leveled up!

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