Malware Attacks on the Rise

March 22, 2019

Malware Attacks on the Rise

Part of our service to our clients is keeping you informed of the latest dangers to your business technology. With that in mind, we are currently seeing an unprecedented number of malware attacks on clients. These attacks are usually spread by a virulent email attachment that appears legitimate but is actually insidious.

Step one to avoid these attacks is employee training. It only takes one careless or ignorant employee making the wrong click to take down the tech in your entire business, so please educate and enforce safe employee email policies. In addition, businesses should have a disaster recovery plan and cyber attack insurance.

An infection by this type of malware will take down your entire operation, leaving social security numbers, banking information and company business information at risk. After the criminals have everything they can get, they will often encrypt your data and charge a ransom for the key, so it’s either “pay up” or lose everything you’ve worked for. Remediation after these attacks is extremely time consuming depending on the extent of the attack and very expensive. It’s much better to be prepared against an attack than to have to clean up after one. Let us come in, do an overview of your security, and help you put a protection and recovery plan in place! These attacks are real, and the fallout is devastating. Call us today at 937-528-2460 to schedule your assessment.

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