Get Remote Access and Work from Anywhere

January 29, 2020

TechAdvisors just introduced a new service, TechAdvisors Remote Access, that provides remote access to work computers. Our solution enables employees to access everything on their work computers from anywhere in the world. It makes it appear as though employees are actually sitting at their work computer no matter where they are located. The solution is simple, only one piece of software and an active internet connection are required.

Remote Access is easy to use and safe! The connection is secure and keeps data in the office where it belongs and not on the road. Employees just log in remotely to access their desktop computers and then can check email, use accounting software, company databases and anything else on their work computer.   

Some other benefits for businesses and employees with Remote Access include cost savings, increased productivity and efficiency. Businesses no longer need in-house IT staff and routine maintenance can be handled by TechAdvisors. Employees can work at home and save transportation costs and workspace overhead. Also, during natural disasters or bad weather, employees can work remotely and still hit deadlines.

For only $10 a month per person, your employees can work from home, at a business or client meeting or even on vacation at the beach. For a limited time, when you sign up for 5 remote users, you’ll get your sixth user FREE. 

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TechAdvisors can help your business make intelligent decisions about technology.

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TechAdvisors can help your business make intelligent decisions about technology.