A Tale of Two Companies

May 22, 2019

A Tale of Two Companies

Here at TechAdvisors we serve all different kinds of businesses, and that variety can be the spice of business! Though all our clients have unique technology needs, there’s one tech need that every single one of our clients must have. It’s the great equalizer of businesses: they ALL  need protection from a security attack from malware and hackers. That’s right, every single client we have needs a high level of preparedness from modern-day technology crooks. Here’s a tale of two companies we recently helped in a security attack situation and how different their levels of preparation were.

Company One

Company One called us after their servers were attacked by Ransomware. That’s right, online criminals took over their systems and demanded a fee before they would give them back. The attackers encrypted their entire server and rendered their backups non-functional. Their entire business was shut down during the attack, and the situation could very well have resulted in the closure of their entire company.

How TechAdvisors Helped

The online crooks demanded to be paid in bitcoin, and acquiring bitcoin is no easy task. We assisted the client in obtaining the $10,000 USD in bitcoin ransom, which the client then paid to the attackers. Luckily, these were “honest” crooks and they provided the recovery key so we could get back into the server. TechAdvisors then decrypted all their files and locked down their systems to prevent further infection or infiltration. We then installed a good backup system and ensured that the backups worked properly, and set up protections to prevent future attacks. One year later, Company One has had no further security issues.

Company Two

Our software notified us that our client, Company Two, was under attack at 4:00 P.M. on a Thursday. Within an hour, we had a TechAdvisors engineer on site to assist them. We determined that the cause of the attack was an employee clicking on a link. We began the recovery process that evening and all the primary contacts of Company Two were restored by the next morning. No data was lost, no ransom was paid to the attackers, and TechAdvisors provided training to Company Two’s employees to teach them best practices on avoiding an attack. Company Two now has taken advantages of additional protection that has since become available and has had no further issues.

Get Protected

As you can see, Company One and Company Two had different levels of preparedness for a security attack. But as we mentioned earlier, ALL companies need to have this protection in place. That’s why TechAdvisors is pleased to announce that we are offering attack protection packages as an add-on to our monthly service plans. This new service will lock down your internet connection, look for infections on all computers, and and enable us to secure applications on networked computers.

Available Service Plans

Standard Service Plan

  • Unlimited remote support from our help desk. Our help desk currently answers 80% of our calls in 10 seconds! Most support can be done remotely.
  • Technology advice and purchasing guidance
  • Pro-active support looking for items like failing hard drives, slow computers or limited disk space
  • Patch management to make sure the systems are always up to date
  • Backup monitoring

Unlimited Service Plan

All the benefits of the Standard Plan, but also included on-site support any time it is needed.

Security Plan

All of the features of the Unlimited Plan plus:

  • Gateway filtering of through our partner Untangle
  • Application controls on the desktop and servers
  • Trend Micro Anti-Virus for protective removal of malware and threats

Reach out!

There’s no reason for your business to be victim to devastating malware and hacker attacks. Reach out today and let us show you how our supreme customer service and security plans can protect your livelihood in a way that’s affordable and convenient for you.

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