3 Fantastic Benefits of a Virtual Office

February 28, 2019

It’s 2019, and although “Back to the Future II” got it wrong about us having flying cars by 2015, we do have some pretty amazing technological advances available to us. Chief among these (and wildly underestimated!) is the virtual office. If you work from home, you know what I’m talking about. “Remote” work has made dream jobs available to talented, motivated, self-disciplined individuals regardless of where they choose to make their home and it has also enabled entrepreneurs to start businesses from their dining rooms. No doubt about it, the virtual office is pretty convenient (and hello? Working in your pajamas once in awhile is kind of great!) Here are a few benefits to the virtual office you may not have considered.

Increased Employee Efficiency

Anyone who has ever worked in a traditional office setting knows that once you go virtual, your efficiency noticeably increases. Gone are the water-cooler and “hey, how ya doing?” chats with co-workers that can take up valuable work time. Co-worker connections over workplace chat apps like Slack can enable camaraderie with fellow employees while cutting down on extraneous non-work-related conversations. (Let’s be honest, no more being trapped in a convo with your office’s awkward Chatty Cathy is priceless!)

No Commute

Rush hour traffic gets a giant BYE, FELICIA from those who employ the virtual office. Not spending your morning in traffic also contributes to the aforementioned virtual office efficiency, and it cuts down on employee stress, resulting in a clearer mind and better focus. Sometimes it’s a help to still give yourself a psychological commute of sorts when you’re a virtual employee: mine is 25 minutes on the treadmill, which also results in a clearer head, especially since I didn’t have to get up ninety minutes earlier to fit it in before my traffic-laden commute. The bottom line is, being able to shower, eat breakfast and get RIGHT to work every morning an hour earlier than everyone else is a huge perk to business.

Big Time Cost Savings

Whether you’re a business owner or remote employee, the virtual office can save you big money. Running your business virtually means no high rent or lease payments on exclusive office space. Sure, you might have rent out a cozy conference room for meetings once in awhile, but that is way less expensive than a monthly office space payment. Not to mention, when you set your own dress code, you’re probably going to be spending a lot less on your work wardrobe. Keep a couple power suits handy, but save money on day-to-day business wear.

Set Your Virtual Office Up For Success

To really take advantage of all the benefits of a virtual office, you’ve got to have your technology in fantastic shape. The cost savings and efficiency of your work-anywhere space will fly out the window if you don’t have air-tight network security and your computers, routers, and printing and scanning devices in top-notch working order. At TechAdvisors, our mission is to get and keep your virtual office running in the most secure, efficient way possible. Contact us for an evaluation on your virtual office setup. We will provide the consistent quality support you need to keep serving your clients and customers with the excellence you strive for (even if you’re working in your pajama pants. No judgment!)

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