Our Difference

TechAdvisors is not your typical computer support company!


Most computer service companies are based on time and material.  This means they profit by selling you things.  The more they sell and the higher the margin, the more they make.  TechAdvisors is NOT a time and material company!  We are not going to sell you high priced equipment that you can't really use.  TechAdvisors will provide you with an honest opinion based on your budget and your business process.


We pay a large portion of our hourly charge to the engineer doing the work on your business technology and we partner with them in this effort.  In most computer service companies, the engineer is simply a hired hand at a low wage.  Do you want someone working on your critical business infrastructure that is making a low salary and doesn't really want to be there?  Wouldn't you rather have someone that has a vested interest in making sure that your business runs smoothly and efficiently?


When you start a business or run one for a long time, there are two professions that are known to be absolutely necessary to your business.  You need a good accountant and a good lawyer.  With today's technology demands, we believe there is a third adviser you must have for your business.  You need a TechAdvisor!  Someone that can partner with your business and make sure that you make the right decisions with your technology!


We practice what we preach.  All of our employees including our support center are virtual employees.  This means we use technology to run a decentralized business with no overhead for buildings, phone system, etc.  What this means for you is better service at a lower cost!  Our business model shows that a decentralized business strategy can work with today's technology.  We can take that knowledge and see how this same technology applies to your business.


We guarantee our work!  If you are not completely satisfied with the work we do, we will do what it takes to make it right!  If you are still not satisfied, we will give you a refund!

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Every business uses technology, but does that technology work for you? We analyze your business and workflow to design a system right for you.

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Our Difference

We are not going to sell you high priced equipment that you can't really use. We provide you with an honest opinion based on your budget.

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