We can help your business make intelligent decisions about technology.

Every business today uses technology, but does that technology work for you?  You need a partner that can guide you through the important technology decisions in your business.  When you are a business, you absolutely need a good accountant and a good lawyer.  Both will pay dividends down the road.  With technology so important to business today, you also need a TechAdvisor in your corner!

Municipalities have a wide range of urgent needs, often times after-hours. TechAdvisors has processes and staff in place to assist municipalities, both large and small, with their daily IT needs. From office staff to fire and police services, we have the ability to manage all your tech needs in a timely manner.




Just want to take a moment to say how happy I am and grateful to you for hiring TechAdvisors. They are going to move the station into the 21st century and I am so excited about this.

They are so easy to work with. Jason Leopold, Andrew Fessler, and Bartley Davis work so well together and with me. They never make me feel stupid. I like how they think. I like how they work together. They really are a team effort. I especially like how Jason is trying to merge the purchase of used equipment with new equipment in order to stay within a very reasonable and appropriate amount for our situation. It's not going to be a fantasy superstar station, it's going to be the next level up that is appropriate for our tiny village, our finances, the limitations of a part-time job and my limited skill-set.

I'm really looking forward to what is ahead. TechAdvisor's good-natured demeanor and professional work ethic and resourcefulness makes this all very exciting to me. You couldn't have picked a better business to do this task.

Thank you!
Susan Gartner
TV Station Manager
Yellow Springs Community Access
Yellow Springs, OH


Every business uses technology, but does that technology work for you? We analyze your business and workflow to design a system right for you.

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Our Difference

We are not going to sell you high priced equipment that you can't really use. We provide you with an honest opinion based on your budget.

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